Mani – Founder

I came to the Uk from Sri Lanka in the 70’s as a student and later worked in several industries without ever finding my passion.

I always loved languages and people, so when I retired, I decided to use my linguistic skills to support people who found themselves in the same difficult situations i had experienced all those years ago. It was a great way of being involved in the community.

Soon I started involving other interpreters as the demand began to grow. In 2008 i launched Debonair Languages from home and so it all began.



Managing Director
I am focused on developing Debonair in line with our core values and visions.

I am delighted that we have managed to maintain our family culture with passion and ambition.

The two most important things in my life is our business and my family, I am a loyal only child, a proud dad and husband.


Corporate Manager
From an extended family, I enjoy guiding and developing our team to reach their goals and beyond.

I am passionate about providing an amazing service fit for our clients.

My outlook is simple, strive to be the best you can be every day, at work or at home, then who could ask for more?


Operations Manager
I am a very organised individual and thrive working in a busy high pressured environment.

I enjoy meeting clients and developing new business and take great pride and satisfaction from being part of a rapidly growing company.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family.



Senior Recruitment Officer
I am always keen to support our staff and our interpreters to achieve more than what they think they can.

Delivering this little bit extra is what makes all the difference.

I am a very positive person and I share it with a big smile and music to keep the team motivated.


Recruitment Co-Ordinator
I grew up in a different culture and I am multi-lingual (Urdu, Punjabi, English).

I embrace diversity, there is so much to discover in the world!

With such a background, working for Debonair Languages is a great opportunity for me to contribute to its development and to learn even more.


Recruitment Co-Ordinator
I am from Congo, the oldest of 4 and I play football.

I have moved to the UK a few years ago and I am still working hard to improve my English so working as an apprentice for Debonair Languages is a great opportunity to learn a job.

I am also fond of maths and happy to put my abilities to use when needed.



Senior Booking Officer
I love travelling and spent a year in Australia. I am an active person and enjoy exercising.

Also, I am a very social individual and motivate our team to strive to do the best they can do daily.

I am committed to success and devoted to get our team to succeed and deliver the best service to our clients.


Bookings Co-Ordinator
I really enjoy learning and I am always up for a new challenge.

My twin sister and I work at Debonair Languages.

I believe that success does not come to you, but you must work hard to achieve it.

In my free time, I love Indian culture and I am planning to travel around the world.


Booking Co-Ordinator
I am a very creative and artistic person.

I hold a deep passion for photography and media, as this is what I studied for 2 years at college.

Working with Debonair is a great opportunity for me to develop my potential and interact with individuals with a wide background which is really inspiring for me.



Systems Administrator
I have been working for Debonair for a few years and believe in its development and growth.

I use new technology systems to get the business to be more efficient to support the team on their daily tasks.

While I answer to all potential issues, I am also bringing new technology based ideas which benefit our clients, interpreters and staff.