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  • Their passion for personal development is astounding
    They have no natural obligation to provide this development programme and are driven by something much more intrinsic in terms of their moralistic belief in people.
    Jamie Macgregor, Managing Director of Bright Direction Training
  • A business that really does pride itself on professionalism and attention to detail
    Which is always evident in every transaction we have had with Debonair Languages. Always willing to meet demanding deadlines whilst ensuring a quality translation is produced.
    Steven Skolosdra, Co-Founder of Budmo World Food Catering
  • “Debonair Languages provide a unique service that sets them aside from other interpreting companies I have used in the past. As the Inclusion Manager of a large multi-cultural school in Manchester, I frequently find the need for interpreters to improve the effectiveness of conversation between school and families. Debonair aren’t just concerned with interpreting; they show a desire to enhance the social and educational inclusion of children and young people with little or no English. The management, through an inquisitive and collaborative approach, are contentious and adaptable towards the needs of each individual case.”
    John Keech – Inclusion Manager, UNITED LEARNING TRUST
  • “2015 - Using Debonair Languages enabled Bolton Parent Carer Consortium to engage new parent carers from the Asian Community. Supported by Debonair Languages providing male and female interpreters in order to engage seldom heard families, BPCC hosted an open day at Bolton Council of Mosques with over 16 market stalls and liaised with 17 schools. In addition, Debonair Languages created an audio link for BPCC website and provided a translation service for BPCC leaflets and the local Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) brochure. Debonair Languages provided an efficient and effective service and we will not hesitate to consider them for future projects.”
  • “BBNW are working in conjunction with DL to ensure parent carers of Disabled children regardless of culture / language have a voice and their opinions are heard. To ensure this happens it’s important that translators are available, ‘some might say well use a friend or a child,’ but we feel that’s not always appropriate, especially when the conversation might be sensitive information about a disabled child’s needs/education/health etc. We would recommend DL as the firm to take your inclusion journey further with, they have been supportive and efficient and we will continue to work alongside the DL staff.”


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